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PVS Flat Sheets
48 x 120 26 4812026P
48 x 120 24 4812024P
48 x 120 22 4812022P
48 x 120 20 4812020P
4 mil x 4 mil available. Consult Factory
PVS Spray Paint
1 can 12 Oz 3000
1 Case, Qty 12 144 Oz 3001
Approx coverage 4.2 sq. ft.

The process of PVC sheet mfg. Begins with (1) prime, hot dipped G-60 galv. Steel cleaned & fire treated. (2) A special epoxy primer bonded to both sides of the metal. Finally (3) a 4-mil polyvinyl coating heat fused to one side (4 x 1 Standard) or both sides
(4 x 4).

By combining the strength of steel and the chemical inertness of plastic, PCD or PVS Flat sheets are corrosion and weather-resistant. PVS or PCD will not rust, chip, crack, peel, corrode or produce odors. Its practical temperature range is from -40 F to 250 F. Our Prime sheets can be used for most any job utilizing its (LFQ) lock forming qualities.

PVS Tape
Duct Seal Tube
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PVS Tape
1 roll 2" x 108' 3002
1 Case = 18 Rolls 2" x 108' 3003
PVS Duct Seal
1 Tube 1/12 Gallon S2TD
1 Pail 1 Gallon S2D
1/4' Bead @ 300' or 2" x 1/32" @ 300'
PVS and Galvanized HVAC Equipment